GODBOT_ is my first robot lovechild which serves few purposes, and I mostly use for testing things before either making a proper bot out of them or scrapping the idea. It is a supreme meme machine, and that's pretty much it.

Shortlink: http://godbot.gq

Command Action
!gbhelp Prints list of commands
!gbinvite Sends GODBOT invite link
!rand [low] [high] Makes a random integer between [low] and [high]
!8ball [question] Answers the hard-hitting questions
!coinflip Flips a coin
!convert [type] [amount] Converts [amount] between units, depending on what [type] is. (Try it to find out)
!ud [word] Searches the UrbanDictionary.com for [word]
!meme [meme type] Sends meme on command ('!meme list' for all of them)
!no For when you need to say 'no'
!youtried For when there was an attempt
!videoroulette (!vr) Outputs random video
!goodroulette (!gvr) Outputs random song that isn't cringy
!anagram [word] Finds anagrams for [word]
!morse [text] Converts [text] to morse code (words separated by '/')
!binary [text] Converts [text] to binary